Our Farms and Shelters

Ahmedabad shelter

Ahmedabad shelter located at Daskroi farm has two sections- one serves as a sanctuary and other as farm clinic cum training centre. The sanctuary aspect houses the donkeys that were inherited with an endowment and which we will look after for the rest of their lives. The other section serves as a clinic for other sick or injured donkeys that are kept and attended to while they get well. In addition, the clinic serve as a Training Centre for others, ranging from donkey owners to vets, who come to learn about various aspects of donkey welfare: health, harness, feeding, treatment of injuries, etc. The trainees come from within our own organisation, but this now-international training hub has welcomed people from different organisations throughout India and also Nepal and Sri Lanka. Even people from Bangladesh have been here, all improving their skills in donkey care and welfare.

Our aim is to maintain our farm clinic / shelter and demonstrate the standards in such a way that it is looked upon as a model shelter for donkey care and management.