Equine fairs are larger congregations of equines in a particular location; most of the time associated with a religious event and have a purpose of trade of animals. Equine fairs are considered to create circumstances that may cause significant compromise on welfare of working equines. The Donkey Sanctuary India has been attending selected equine fairs to mobilize individuals and institutions that are responsible for organizing such events and thereby preventing majority of risk factors that causes poor welfare and also to offer treatment services to those animals which are already suffering from pain, injuries and disease.


Objectives of attending equine fairs:

  • To support the fair organizers to identify and address potential threats/ risk factors that may cause or contribute to poor animal welfare
  • To provide emergency treatment services to equines attending the fair
  • To promote preventive management practices among owners and handlers.
  • To enhance the capacities of local veterinary services providers and clinical staffs of DS India on quality treatment services
  • Empowering Equine dependent communities with knowledge and skills to improve equine welfare.
  • Develop infrastructure in fair locations for equines in partnerships with local bodies (Government and fair organisers).
  • Capacity building of LSP’s (Govt Vet / Paravet’s / farriers / others).

Dr. satyajitpatil meets with Dr. Benake veterinary officer at Government veterinary clinic and share knowledge of Donkeys treatment of colic, and other life threatening disease. DrBanake helps Donkey sanctuary to arrange the camp for treatment in donkey fair.

These fairs give an indication of population trends of equines and also are a potential source of welfare compromise due to huge aggregation in small area and stress due to travel. Apart from transport related issues castration by crude cruel methods by countryside local quacks is also found.

Here also the working strategy is around awareness generation on proper age of working, preventative vaccination against rabies and tetanus, treatment delivery and understanding population dynamics.

Equine Fairs attended by Donkey sanctuary India in different states: