Veterinary / Welfare services

DSI operates mobile clinics in the projects to provide veterinary care to the needed donkeys / mules. Every case attended is used as an opportunity to discuss with the owners about the causes, management and prevention. Through our veterinary services we relieve immediate pain and suffering of working equine with our treatment, preventive measures like vaccinations, train equine owners on primary care and ensure availability of Medical kit box through Community based animal health workers at community level. Our veterinary services also include a large training component which is carried out in line with DS competency framework to build up the competencies of local animal health professionals such as government vets, Animal Health Assistants, and local health providers. To bring sustainability and improve the health service delivery for working equines in remote locations, we aim to engage and build the capacity of local service providers and various stakeholders to improve equine welfare in general.

We also work with the Government Animal Husbandry department in disease surveillance and tackling any disease outbreak among working equines. We also engage with the Veterinary Universities to provide lectures on donkey welfare and to encourage veterinary students to attend trainings / camps to get exposed to working equine specific issues.