DSI trainings

  • Donkey owners: build the capacity of the donkey owning families by providing hands on trainings on wound management and hoof care. Empower the communities through compassion, respect, trainings and education. All our trainings will be in line with DS Competency framework
  • CAHW’s (Community Based Animal Health Workers): Identify and develop CAHW’s in all our projects as per competency framework. Improve their competencies on primary first aid, early disease diagnosis and preventive care regarding donkeys / mules.
  • Identify and train community based farriers, cart / harness makers for long-lasting impact on service availability for the communities
  • Training for the local service providers i.e., Government vets, Animal Health Assistants and private vets
  • Training staff of partner organisation, other Animal Welfare Organisations both national and international (Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh)