For working effectively and efficiently donkey sanctuary believes in working in partnership at National and International level with local systems , different Organisations and NGOs.

National level partnerships :

DSI work with local systems and other NGOs. Most prominent amongst these are partnership with ‘Harrisons shelter’ in Gurgaon and ‘Sai Ashram’in Delhi for temporary shelter if needed. We also do rabies vaccinations in partnership with ‘SPCA .’

international Partnership :

DSI advanced the work in Sri Lanka to help implement the Donkey management and program in Mannar and also to learn ways to tackle the feral donkey situation. We worked closely with DSUK and DS-Ethiopia to establish an indigenous pilot model of DAT in Mannar, Sri Lanka which is in context to the developing world situation.

DSI in collaboration with DSUK advanced the partnership project with Animal Nepal to address the working equine welfare issues and Better Brick Network program in Nepal.