Human Donkey Interaction Program

Donkey Human interaction is a great opportunity to bring people and donkey together and bring about life-enhancing benefits for both. A donkey’s gentle and affectionate nature brings a calming effect over all who they come into contact with. Donkeys especially enjoy human interactions and this helps to lift people's spirits. Donkey therapy provides a unique experience for people experiencing physical or mental distress. The visible lifting of a person’s spirit during donkey petting is typically immediate and significant. Some people have indicated their interaction with our donkeys has been one of their life’s highlights.

This program will involve senior citizens residing in old age homes, physically and mentally challenged special children and traumatized soldiers from army / police as beneficiaries.DSI would like to develop an indigenous model that is in context to developing countries in accordance to DAT-DSUK competencies and guidelines and with the help and expertise of people involved in Animal assisted therapy / Donkey assisted therapy. Monitoring and strategic evaluation will be done, data collected, document the findings and benefits of this program to prove the effectiveness and usefulness of donkeys to the society. Develop our expertise and assist such programs across South Asia as training / capacity building partners.

An initial stage of this program has been initiated in Ahmedabad wherein beneficiaries from old age have visited our shelter. In India (South Asia) we envisage that Donkey human interactions will raise the profile of donkeys as this program has strong relationship to the sentiment of people and society in large.