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About DSI

India is a vast country and second most populous in the world with diversified culture and geographical conditions. In rural & semi urban India people rely on different sources of livelihood which includes communities owning working equines i.e. - Donkeys, Mules & Horses.
According to 19th livestock census report 2012, India has largest livestock numbers in the world which states as:

  • Donkeys – 318787
  • Mules – 196378
These working Donkeys and Mules play vital role in the development of the country and a means of livelihood for the poorest communities.
Unfortunately these invisible hard working animals often suffer from hunger, thirst, overloading, ill treatments and lack of primary health care facilities.
DSI aims to reduce pain and suffering thereby improving welfare of donkeys and mules in India and neighbouring countries.
DSI mobilises the equine owning communities by increasing their knowledge, skill, practices and providing quality veterinary services for these hardworking, most neglected, abandoned creatures.

Story of the Month

Suffering Equine gets new lease of life in Delhi

The Donkey Sanctuary India received the emergency call from the organization ACGS (All Creatures Great and Small) from Faridabad to attend the case of injured horse. The poor animal fractured its right foreleg at pastern while playing with another equine in the shelter.

Case was attended by our Delhi Project team Vet Dr. Surajit Nath; the fractured bones were set in place by traction and the leg is bandaged with cotton and splints.

After three Weeks, Bandage removed, the fractured bones healed up, and the animal can bear its weight on its leg. We all are happy and delighted to see the animal is back on its feet and can walk and run again.